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  DWC1 - Metal Man Deluxe Welding Cabinet  - $215.99  
$215.99+ ShippingDWC1 Metal Man Welding Cabinet
The Metal Man deluxe welding cabinet provides an integrated
all-in-one solution for a portable welder or plasma cutter
applications. Designed for equipment to sit on top of
cabinet, and a 7 1/2in. gas cylinder configuration, it
makes maneuvering a snap. It includes 4 drawers of
varying sizes that provide convenient storage for helmet,
hammer, brush and other welding accessories, along with
hooks that provide easy access to welding cables.

$215.99 + Shipping



• 150 lbs. Capacity
• Overall Dimensions =
28.3 in. x 17.6 in. x 33.5 in.
• Shipping Weight = 94 lbs
• 7 inch rear wheels
• 2 locking front casters
• Steel Construction with Power Coat Finish
• Ball Bearing Drawer Slides


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